MSS 3: Generating Initial Keyword Opportunity List

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Brainstorm as many keyword ideas applicable to your business during the first phase of short-listing the Keyword Opportunity List.

Listing root brands and product/services brand name (e.g. lawyers, doctors)

Brainstorm brand related keywords & variation of products

Understand from the client, how they determine what terms they use to search

Review competitor’s sites

Adding geographic variations like (New Delhi Lawyers, NCR Legal Firms)

Adding descriptive variations like (corporate law firms, personal injury lawyers)

Taking all the listed variations and reviewing numerous other variations using Google Adwords Keyword Tools

Choosing Relevant Keyword Terms/Phrases

Filter relevancy for the short listed keyword possibilities based on sufficient search volumes.

Your business website does not need irrelevant traffic and therefore ensuring the right keywords are selected for quality traffic and quality traffic helps convert your visitors into prospecting leads at a much higher rate.

For example, a small lawyer office in New Delhi marketing for leads from around the National Capital Region (NCR) that have achieved a ranking for the keyword “Lawyers” would be inundated with irrelevant calls & queries from searchers in Mumbai, or Guwahati, etc. This will create distracting calls for the sales team as well as eating time & resource to attend such irrelevant business calls for the keyword “Lawyers”.

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